Flickr Photographer Interview / East Asia Edition

This is blog for presenting photographers of fascinating photos found on Flickr


After a year of this, it’s started to get kind of boring.

It’s thanks to the internet and to Flickr (actually, Tumblr) that I found out about all these photographers, but the internet has its limitations, of course.
I’ve decided to go to the countries of the people who took the photos and start interviewing them directly.

First, East Asia.

With the spread of the internet, things have been circulating throughout the world more and more freely, and it’s started to feel like you’re in basically the same modern culture no matter where you go. The same bands, the same news, the same art, the same cameras, and so on.
What would it be like to see the real East Asia head-on, from the inside, without any exoticism?
While from the outside it might all look the same, surely things will be different when one gets closer.

The first installment is in Taipei, an interview with inverselive.

Translated by Seth Yarden