There Is Nothing.

Different places, different people, some pictures.
There is something, something I got used to, something too familiar that I don't even know if I like or not. I'm showing those photographs here, in this blog. Not many words, but the photographs can speak for themselves, I hope.

First, I think I have to introduce myself.
These are photographs I've taken.

New Town Blues (1997)
New Town Blues (1997)
New Town Blues (1997)
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This was back in 1997. I was wandering in the suburbs here in Japan. I thought the suburbs looked just like young Japanese women.

Other photographs can be found here

The title of this blog, Nan-Ni-Mo-Na-I, meaning "there is nothing" in Japanese, comes from the lyrics of a song called "A-Ta-Ra-Shi-I-Hi-To" (The New Man) by the group Fishmans.

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