rabbit by Brittanie Pendleton

These photographs have following notes by the photographer, which reminded me of another incident,
the Niigata girl confinement incident, discovered 2000 in Japan.

In 1970 Los Angeles, the famous feral child Genie Wiley was found after being isolated in her room by her father for almost her entire thirteen years of life. Having had no contact with the outside world, Genie was unable to speak or carry on normal interactions with other people. In one documentary, there's footage of Genie moving with an awkward rabbit-like walk. Her hands in front of her like paws and a halting gait. She would also rub her face spastically when she was angry, and she constantly spat and sniffed.

Despite her disabilities, or perhaps because of them, Genie had a strange allure that drew others to her. There were stories of doctors wishing to adopt her as their own and of complete strangers giving her gifts. This feral girl was unique and beautiful. Her story and demeanor were an inspiration for this set, entitled "rabbit".

(see wiki article about genie, or feralchildren.com)
For those interested in this story, I recommend watching the Nova documentary: Secret of the Wild Child. It's really good and has a lot of footage of her.

**please note: i have nothing but respect for those who were dedicated to helping genie. it was a terrible situation that ended very sadly... i mean no disrespect by these photos and i claim no association, other than being inspired by the story.**
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