Is Flickr banned in mainland China?

The last week, I have been trying to get permissions from some photographers in mainland China for usage of their photos. 10% of the requests I have made so far are simply just ignored (I have never got any rejection mail), so I did not care much about not getting any replies from them untill I found out articles regarding that Flickr is banned in mainland China.
I also tried yahoo mail but the latter article says that it is banned too.
Does any one succeed sending any Flickr mail or yahoo mail to mainland China lately?


zhanmou said...

flickr of Chinese users use:
firefox + Access Flickr!

if not, they can't explore flickr


Takaaki Kawakami / 河上隆昭 said...

Thank you zhanmou for the information. I have just received a reply from one of those artist, so I guess there's no problem in receiving and sending mail through Flickr.